Immerse yourself in the Hydrate IV experience. Choose from our options below to match your preference.


Take a much-needed break from routine with Disconnect! Kick back, relax and free yourself of distractions during your visit. Disconnect offers you a tranquil space to enjoy your treatment. Feel free to mix and match Disconnect with any of our other experiences!


If you are one to socialize then Community is just the thing for you. Share your experience and make conversation with friends, family or other Hydrate enthusiasts. With Community, you get to enjoy your IV treatment while catching up with friends. Feel free to mix and match Community with any of our other experiences!


Want to catch up on your favorite show or that movie you have been meaning to watch? Or maybe some alone time with your video games. Media allows you an all-in-one digital experience while you enjoy your IV treatment. This experience includes an iPad loaded with ready-to-stream shows and movies, your favorite mobile games and a fresh pair of earphones!


Let not IV nutrition therapy come in the way of your tough work week. Keep the momentum going while receiving your treatment with us. Productivity will provide you with the space and resources you need to stay focused and engaged at work or school. This experience includes Wi-Fi, a station for your laptop or tablet and an isolated area to keep you in the zone.